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Frequently Asked Questions

BGStar® and iBGStar® frequently asked questions:

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How often do I have to change the batteries?

The batteries will last for approximately 1.000 readings. After that the batteries of the BGStar® have to be replaced and the iBGStar® has to be recharged.


How will I know when it’s time to change the batteries?

The BGStar® and iBGStar® both come with a battery status indicator which will appear when the batteries are 50% charged or less.


If I change the batteries, are my stored results gone?

No, once a blood glucose reading is obtained it is stored in memory and remains there even if the batteries no longer work.


Can I tag blood glucose results to distinguish between my results and other users in my family?

No, the meters should not be shared between family members.


Does the iBGStar® come with the iPhone or iPod touch?

No, the iBGStar® is sold as a meter only. The iPhone or iPod touch needs to be purchased separately.


Can the iBGStar® be used with other smartphones?

The iBGStar® can only be used with the iPhone or iPod touch at this time. The possibility of expanding the iBGStar® connectivity to other smartphones in the future is currently being reviewed.


Can I use the iBGStar® without connecting it to an iPhone or iPod touch?

The iBGStar® works as a stand-alone meter and if it has been synced with an Apple iOS 3.0 device or higher it will also display date and time. It sores 300 readings.


Do I need to use a control solution with the BGStar® or iBGStar®?

Control solution tests should be performed to ensure your meter and strips are working properly. They should be performed:

  • When you first get your meter.
  • If you suspect your meter or test strips are not working properly or are not accurate.
  • If you have dropped, damaged or exposed your meter to liquids.
  • If you are advised by a healthcare professional to do so.

Does my iPhone or iPod touch require special software to use the iBGStar®

Your iPhone or iPod touch must have iOS 3.0 or higher software installed to use the iBGStar®.


Are the BGStar® and iBGStar® calibrated on plasma or whole blood?

Both the BGStar® and iBGStar® utilise plasma calibration.


The control window was not fully filled with blood but the meter has shown a result. Is this result accurate?

If the window is not completely filled you must repeat the test to ensure accurate results.


What do the error messages mean?

Error messages let the user know that conditions exist that can alter the results. Refer to the Owner's Guide for specific codes and reasons.


Is there an online tutorial or video available to help me understand all the features of my new blood glucose meter?

There are handling videos and user's guides for education purposes available:


Can you use iBGStar® as a standalone meter?

Yes. iBGStar® can also be used without the iPhone or iPod touch and can store up to 300 test results. When plugged into the iPhone or iPod touch again, the saved data automatically synchronises as soon as the Diabetes Manager App is being used.


Will patients get the iPhone cheaper when they are considering to buy iBGStar®?

Both the iPhone and the iBGStar® are two great technological innovations, which have independent retail prices.


Which markets will launch BGStar® and iBGStar®?

Currently, the launch of BGStar® and iBGStar® is planned for selected countries including Australia. Other countries will follow subsequently.


Are these new meters only affordable by people who can also afford an iPhone?

Both BGStar® and iBGStar® are available at a competitive price.


What will be the price of the test strips? Will patients be reimbursed?

The test strips are available to NDSS Card holders at the standard reimbursed price, and can also be bought privately. Test strips are available at most Australian pharmacies. A script is not required.


Where do I get the Diabetes Manager app?

The app is available for download from the iTunes App Store.


Can I also use the App without the iBGStar®?

The Diabetes Manager Application works with your meter but can be used to manually enter your readings as well.


Are there other applications that I can use to help me manage my diabetes with my new BGM?

There are other applications available to manually enter your glucose readings into but the iBGStar® system works with an application that automatically uploads your readings.


How do I attach a meal flag or a comment to my result?

The mealtime tag is automatically added according to your meal schedule. Notes can be added to readings as well. Please follow the instructions in your Owner's Guide.


How does the Diabetes Manager app communicate with the iBGStar®?

Via the dock connector.


How can the data be shared? How do I send my information to my HCP?

This is done using the iBGStar® Diabetes Manager app installed on your Apple iOS 3.0 device or higher. There is a "Share" button on the toolbar at the bottom of your home screen that allows you to send your BGM results and trends to the recipient of your choice via email (internet connection required).


Is the BGStar® Diabetes Management software applicable for professional use?

Yes, there is a professional mode.


What means software in a Blood Glucose Meter?

Blood glucose meters often have software as an accessory to the meter so that the blood glucose results can be downloaded and viewed in various formats.

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